Episode 15: Have Yourself a Merry Little Podcast

Podcast ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay! For Noah, Emily, and Rob have come to you to say: Remember facts like Ol’ Saint Nick was skinny in his day! Oh tidings of Facts Machine pod! Give us five stars! Ohhhh tidings of Facts Machine pod!

It’s a holiday episode of Facts Machine! Come learn about how Martin Luther wanted to split from the Catholic Church but didn’t want to split from getting presents, why 17th century Christians banned people from saying Merry Christmas, and how mistletoe and vampires have a lot in common!

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This episode was written and produced by Emily Costa, Noah Guiberson, and Rob Frawley. Our theme was composed by Anthony Antonelli. Our logo was designed by Mike Zolla.

Thumbnail photo: St. Nicholas resurrecting children from their untimely pickling. (Wikimedia Commons)