Episode 4: The World Cup

Want to learn lots of cool stuff about The World Cup, but don’t want to have to learn anything about soccer itself? Do we ever have a podcast for you! In this episode, Noah, Emily, and Rob explore the crazy world of The World Cup. Listen to find out whether the 1958 World Cup in Sweden was really a hoax orchestrated by the CIA and FIFA, how soccer has opera to thank for its continued popularity, and what exactly is going on in the interim between a World Cup victory and the inevitable baby boom roughly 9 months later. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of it, just as soon as we google where babies come from.

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This episode was written and produced by Emily Costa, Noah Guiberson, and Rob Frawley. Our theme was composed by Anthony Antonelli. Our logo was designed by Mike Zolla.

Thumbnail photo: Promotional poster from the first ever World Cup (Uruguay 1930). (Wikimedia Commons)