Episode 7: Unsung Heroes

Some historical heroes are household names, whereas others fade into history, or worse, suffer the cruel fate of not even meriting a Wikipedia page. Ever wonder why unicorns are no longer the scourge of humanity, why badass women journalists no longer hold ransom the clothing of US Presidents to get interviews, and why we don’t operate bicycles like a Kangaroo probably would? Unsung heroes have shaped our society in many ways, and in this episode, Noah, Emily, and Rob tell their (often incredibly weird) stories and shed some light on the world they helped mold…whether we know about them or not.

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This episode was written and produced by Emily Costa, Noah Guiberson, and Rob Frawley. Our theme was composed by Anthony Antonelli. Our logo was designed by Mike Zolla.

Thumbnail photo: Sketch of the Otto dicycle. (Wikimedia Commons)