Episode 24: In Dog We Trust

In this episode, Facts Machine makes a PAWEDcast! Noah, Rob, and Emily learn all about dogs — the good boys and good girls who make life worth living. Listen to find out how good the first good boy was, how some good girls are helping reseed forests after fires, and how some good boys and good girls (and one especially good boy) braved wind and snow to save a bunch of kids from diphtheria!

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This episode was written and hosted by Emily Costa, Rob Frawley, and Noah Guiberson. The episode was produced and our theme was composed by Anthony Antonelli. Our logo was designed by Mike Zolla.

Thumbnail photo: Lassie, who never actually rescued Timmy from a well. (Wikimedia Commons)

Bonus resources/content:

Noah’s fact concerns the earliest known pup with a name, Abuwtiyuw, or


as he’d be known in his native hieroglyphic! (Wikipedia)

According to tvtropes.org, the collectively imagined incident of Timmy falling down a well is the setup to a pretty solid joke:

Farmer: What's that, Lassie? 
Lassie: Woof woof woof! 
Farmer: Timmy fell down the well?! 
Lassie: Woof! 
Farmer: That's the third time this month, right? 
Lassie: Woof woof woof woof woof. Woof woof, woof woof. 
Farmer: I agree, let him get his own self out.

— A joke dating back to the original airing of Lassie

Pablo Picasso’s portrait of Lump is pretty much what you’d expect:

And lastly, a shout-out to a truly timeless Twitter exchange:

Screen_Shot_2017-02-23_at_3.41.32_PM (1).png

Who’s a good dog? All of them, Bront, they’re all good dogs.