Episode 28: Famous Inventors, Overshadowed Inventions

Don't you just hate it when people only want to talk about how you discovered universal gravitation, but not about your passion project, making proportionately-sized doors for cats? Or when the press loves how you revolutionized the automobile industry by mass producing affordable cars but not how you tried to make them out of soy beans? Or how no matter how many times you explain that you discovered what E equals, they don't want to use the special refrigerator you invented? Misery loves company, so listen along to our latest episode, all about the lesser known and lesser appreciated ideas of famous scientists and inventors!

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This episode was produced by Rob Frawley, Noah Guiberson, Emily Costa, and AC Antonelli, with editing by Noah Guiberson. Sound engineering and theme music were by AC Antonelli, and our logo was designed by Mike Zolla.

Thumbnail photo: A depiction of the (apocryphal) time Sir Isaac Newton’s dog knocked over a candle in the lab, burning 20 years’ worth of equations. If only there were some way the dog could have exited the room and burned off all that rambunctious energy outside… (Wikimedia Commons)