Episode 11: The Reviews are in…

"I was laughing for half of the episode, and thinking for the other half!", "As funny as 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!'", "I love Facts Machine, but please don't open any more cellophane packages on-air."
The above are all real reviews that our podcast has received! In this episode, Emily, Rob, and Noah review the reviewers--the professional and amateur opinion-havers whose input we've learned is apparently essential (please give us five stars!!!). Listen to find out how a little premature slander resulted in the Nobel Prizes, how a stay-at-home dad inspired the world to throw rotten comedy tomatoes at classic films in 140 characters or fewer, and why Parisians initially gave the Eiffel Tower two thumbs down.

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This episode was written and produced by Emily Costa, Noah Guiberson, and Rob Frawley. Our theme was composed by Anthony Antonelli. Our logo was designed by Mike Zolla.

Thumbnail photo: A half-finished hole-riddled suppository as photographed in 1888. (Wikimedia Commons)