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Facts Machine is a podcast by and for people who are curious about everything — but especially the things that make them laugh. Scientists by day and pub trivia hosts by night, Emily, Noah, and Rob leverage their scientific curiosity and delight in obscure minutiae to bring you a podcast that explores life’s silliest, most unexpected, and outright awe-inspiring stories. And puns. So many puns.

In every episode, we share fascinating facts and the larger stories behind them, concluding with a pub-style trivia quiz loosely inspired by the theme.

New episodes are released every other Tuesday to various podcast players. If you you like what you hear, please subscribe and tell a friend! This podcast is a labor of love and nerdiness, both of which we think are worth spreading.

Thanks for listening and learning with us!

- Noah, Rob, Emily, & Anthony

From left to right: Noah, Emily, and Rob.  Photo credit: Tessa Hirschfëld-Stölėr

From left to right: Noah, Emily, and Rob. Photo credit: Tessa Hirschfëld-Stölėr

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how our listeners describe us

I was laughing for half of the episode and thinking for the other half!
Super intelligent, fun, and everything you are looking for in a podcast. Follow now!
It’s like listening to the “Random” Wikipedia article while I’m on the subway.
I love this podcast! I learned so many facts in a fun and interesting way!
As funny as “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”
I love Facts Machine, but please don’t open any more cellophane packages on-air. (Noted!)

the machinists


Noah Guiberson


Noah got his start writing and hosting trivia nights in the rugged pub quiz circuits of Baltimore and New York. A neuroscientist by day, he seeks to answer the greatest trivia question of them all: How does the brain work?


Rob Frawley @SweaterVestSci

Rob is a long-time trivia host with a Ph.D. in orthopedics and cell biology. He works with BioBus, Inc. delivering science to NYC schools with a bus full of microscopes, amazing samples, and funny games. He spends the rest of his time swimming and waiting for it to be Pi Day.

Emily Costa @_emcosta

Emily is a research scientist studying lung cancer immunotherapy and metastasis. When she’s not pipetting pink liquids or spouting off spider facts, you can find her reading, practicing her science communication skills, or tending to an ever-expanding family of houseplants.


A.C. Antonelli @TheCosmicACA

Anthony always dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder who plays for the New York Rangers and is a rally car driver and musician and owns a brewery and also is Batman. He’s actually a scientist researching immunotherapy for bladder cancer, but he’s never more than one drink away from a career switch to masked vigilante justice.


want a pub-style trivia quiz at your next event?

Between the three of us we have 15 years of experience writing and hosting trivia for bars, corporate events, and fundraising drives. If you’re in NYC and interested in having Facts Machine trivia #IRL at your next event, inquire via our contact form!